Frequently Asked Questions:

Return policy:

As we work on reducing our carbon footprint, we currently do not accept any physical returns due to the impact it has on our environment. Refund requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

We however, take full responsibility for damaged/defective products upon delivery. Do come back to us within a day of receiving the product if they are any damages/ defects at


Are our products sanitary, since they are made from recycled materials?

A misconception of recycled items is that they are of low quality and unsanitary.

We at PlasticEVO assure you that the recycled plastics are sterilized and go through high temperatures during our extrusion process.  Our products are thoroughly tested to ensure we provide you the best recycled 3d printed items.


Is there any risk of Plastic decomposition and leeching?

The short answer is that it will inevitably occur, but the time taken for it to happen will be very long(few years) and only under very extreme conditions. There will be a very minimal chance of chemical leeching for our products if well taken care of and used conventionally. Growing of any flora is safe with our vase products.

Additionally, to eliminate the risk of direct contact and ingestion, we have avoided producing any food-based products such as utensils or containers.


Is there any other form of Plastic 3D Printing that we have?

We print using Creality FDM printers only.

Are there any other options for the colour for the choice of products?

Artificial colouring comes from raw plastic pellets called masterbatches, or the use of colour dyes. Here at PlasticEVO, our research and beliefs are that these methods not only require us to consume more plastic and create more wastage, but also compromise the quality of our products.

Thus, our products only come in White, Black, and the colour of our authentic recycled filament.


Do we provides International Shipping?

Our team is working hard to expand shipping to other countries. Follow us on Instagram @plasticevo for updates!

For any collaborations or partnership, do contact us at or give us a DM on our Instagram page. We are most pleased and are open to discussion for a collaboration.


I received a wrong product! What to do?

Sorry about that! Please reach out to our Customer Care Team at with your order number along with a photo of your order contents. We’ll take care of it from there!

I wish to donate recycled plastic, where do I deposit them?

We greatly appreciate your support! Do refer to Volunteer page for the locations of our recyclable bins.


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